Procter Johnson has been a leading supplier to the UK and overseas asphalt markets for over 30 years. As well as our own range of pigments, we offer solutions from Ventraco, who are industry experts based in The Netherlands.


We offer a complete range of powder grades suitable for colouring traditional & clear binder asphalts. Our technical center offers a colour matching service which gives customers an endless choice of colour options for synthetic clear binder systems.

Colouring Asphalt Guide

A useful guide on colouring asphalt and macadam, based on both clear & traditional binders.

Colorfalt V Red

Designed specifically for use in the coloured asphalt market, Colorfalt V Red is a granulated product from Ventraco Chemie which offers a non-dusting, free-flowing pigment that disperses rapidly in bitumen and resin systems, to give excellent color development.

Asphalt Pigment Shade Card

Features the most popular pigments used in clear binder applications. Bespoke colours available on request.


RheoFalt Low Temperature Asphalt

RheoFalt LT-70 is the only mono-modification of our product line consisting of FT waxes. By using FT waxes it is possible to lower the process temperature by 30˚C to 40˚C. This means that the processing temperature can be between 140˚C and 70˚C.

RheoFalt WKR-2

Improves stability and modifies the total consistency of bitumen, which gives better performance when compared to a single polymer modified asphalt. Rheofalt WKR-2 is supplied in pellet form and can be used directly into the batch mixer or into the bitumen tank, either manually or fully automatically.